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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Lava Cake!

Feb 10, 2021

Supa' Saucy Chocolate Lava Cake! Ooey gooey Bitchin' ganache center! Yum yum yum yum! …

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: “The Heater” Chili Bread Bowl!

Feb 4, 2021

This "HEATER" veggie chili Bitchin' bread bowl is perfect for serving high temps on game day - NOT FOR THE…

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Chipotle Cornflake Chicken Fingers!

Feb 2, 2021

These Chipotle Cornflake Chicken Fingers provide that Bitchin' smoky flavor you've been craving. Make…

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Bombay Bowl!

Jan 18, 2021

Make some noise for this Bitchin' Bombay Bowl! This quinoa bowl is filled to the brim with fresh,…

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Saucy Sweepstakes

Jan 3, 2021

Moms Meet Sweepstakes! Bitchin' Sauce is partnering with Moms Meet to give away a year's supply of…

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Saucy Stuffed Spuds!

Dec 22, 2020

Side dishes are definitely the star of the holiday table. Load up these stuffed sleds with our Green Onion…

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Sweet Potato Bites!

Dec 19, 2020

Make your holiday festivities a little sweeter with our Salted Caramel Sweet Sauce! We used it with a…

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Bitchin’ Inspiration: Holiday Pull-Apart Bread!

Dec 16, 2020

There's no better way to get into the saucy holiday spirit than by sharing something Bitchin' with…

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Christmas Wonderland at the Bitchin’ Botanic Garden

Dec 11, 2020

To conclude our Bitchin' Givin' holiday season, the Bitchin’ team hosted 350 Olive Crest kids…

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Bitchin’ Christmas Tree Lot!

Dec 4, 2020

This season, the Bitchin’ team got to put up a totally Bitchin’ Christmas tree lot for 100+ Olive…

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